Liberty Art Jam
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We're the upcoming homeliest art studio in Singapore. And, we are the first art studio in Singapore that works on a pay-what-you-wish (PWYW) system.

LIBERTY'S MISSION : “Art is not a luxury, Art is for everyone”.

We aim to gather community funding through acquaintances
and friends who paint with us. Every individual chooses
to pay an amount they wish to sustain and support this communal art space. At the same time, for every S$35 given, we will place a portion into our Kindness Fund to support our social initiatives.

What to expect:
When you turn up, you will be greeted by a table of shared food, a room full of murals, canvas and easels, and of course, soon-to-be-homies. You can bring sugar, spice and anything nice to share with the community. Make yourself feel at home. Reward yourself with our light refreshments.

We embrace the presence of each art jammer and try to ensure that nobody will be lost in the process. We assure you not to worry if you do not have prior art experience. Tips wil...